South Shuts out North 61-0. Click for stats.

PassingSouthCompYdsTDKruse3 for 4241NorthRussell6 for 16400

RushingSouthCarriesYardsTDNeloms5631Hunt7872Scales3-40Kruse2-150St. Louis5220Gasber-Jones3151Brent2-120Richard5-30Total321534


Scoring PlaysSouth1QNeloms 7 Yard RunLe Kick No GoodNeloms 7 Yard RunKruze pass to Taylor 2yds for 2 ptsBirch Punt Blocked then Tate Fumble Recovery in North EndzoneLe Kick GoodHunt 29 Yard RunLe Kick GoodNeloms 75 Yard Punt ReturnLe Kick Good2QKruze pass to Hopper 22ydsLe Kick No GoodBirch Force Fumble then Hopper Fumble Recovery 19 YardsLe Kick Good4th QuarterGasben - Jones 14 yard runLe Kick Good